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Collapse Data Center Cabling - Transitioning from Copper to Fiber
Fiber optics is transforming data communications and data centers. Learn how this change may affect you. This free one-hour Webinar is an introduction to learning about data center cabling –and the transition from copper to fiber. This session provides an overview of data center cabling options covering copper structured, copper interconnect and fiber cabling. A cost analysis of copper versus fiber will also be reviewed. You will have a chance to ask the speaker questions during the webinar.

Intended Audience
This course is valuable to engineers, technicians, networking professionals and managers interested in transitioning their networks and data centers from copper to fiber optics. Data center operators and facilities managers may also be interested in attending to understand some of the networking technologies contained in their data centers.

Formats Available: Streaming
Original Seminar Date: February 02, 2011
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